Strawberry Fields Forever

Overalls: Forever21 // Crop Tshit: Forever 21 // Oskar’s overalls: Cherokee

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!  This was my first mothers day as a mom and I think I will remember it forever.  Jon took us to Green Door Gourmet farm to pick strawberries!  It was pretty much my favorite thing I’ve done all year.  Simple outdoor family fun is the best.  We saw chickens, got to pet bunnies, have ice cream, and took a hay ride to the strawberry fields to forage away.  It was so much fun!  The entire adventure cost us a whopping $10, I love that.

Oskar is so close to crawling I’m so excited, but also not in a hurry for it happen haha.  I keep telling Jon we need to start baby proofing the house so that we’re ready.  He is VERY curious and this babe is going to try getting into everything.  He wants to see, touch, feel, and taste everything around him all at once.  I pretty much try forcing him to cuddle me at least once a day (when he’s not tired) and he’s never having it.  At this point it’s become a source of entertainment for Jon to watch him laugh and squirm away from me with a quickness.  To him, there’s just too much to discover.  I’m hanging on to hope that the mommy cuddles will come later lol.  Right now I will take him trying to eat my face as a form of affection haha.  I do love watching him explore, and to see his face when he discovers something new is the coolest thing.  His favorite things to do right now are eating, (anything and everything, he’s not picky like his dad thank you Jesus!) dancing to music, having books read to him, jumping in his door jumper, taking baths, and playing the itsy bitsy spider with his fingers.  He is also really into chewing on his hands, as we’ve gotta be close to seeing some teeth pop though any day now.  I bought him an amber teething necklace and I can’t say for sure that it works, but it’s cute! haha.  We have been rubbing a Young Living essential oil on his gums for teething and that, I can for sure say WORKS.  I love that I don’t have to give him Tylenol around the clock…or ever to be honest.  I have zero issue giving him any medications, but the oil is doing the job for now and I’m happy using something natural if I can get away with it.  Not to say these things always work for everyone, but you just have to judge what you think is best for your baby and you comfort level, right?  We are still on the struggle bus with his eczema, but I’ve ordered a cream a friend said worked for her and her baby, so I’m very anxious for it to get here so we can try it.  I will share if it helps!

I am going to live in these overalls allll summer.  They’re just so comfortable and easy.  They’re the only pair I have so I’d like another darker pair so I’ll be on the hunt for some the next time I’m at Goodwill.  I’m still really into thrift shopping right now.  I find so much joy in it for several reasons, but mostly it’s just more fun and exciting when you find something you love.  We need a new car so saving money where we can is at the top of the priority list as well.  I am also enjoying making my own chia tea, watching re runs of the White Queen to gear up for the new season of the White Princess, and hiking through the hills as often as possible.  Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend, and if you are in the Nashville area you must check out Green Door Gourmet!

P.S. the Biscuits and Peach Jam ice cream from Jennis is TO DIE.  I tell you no lie. 🙂


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