pink for sping

Skirt: Forever21 // Top: Goodwill // Shoes: Forever21 // Belt: Lucky Brand // Necklace: Goodwill // Bracelet: Forever21

I am loving this time of year and the flowers evverywhere have me in the mood for everything pink right now.  Our backyard is exploding with color and sunshine and it just makes me so happy.  Oskar loves to be back there watching the birds building a nest in our bushes, but more than anything he’s completely obsessed with the wind chime.  He wants to hold it and knock it around to hear its sounds.  I love how cute it is to see him try to understand it and figure it out.  I’m so glad Jon got that shot of him looking down the pipes, because that’s exactly where he’s at right now.  Curious as ever and inspecting all the details.  It’s the neatest thing to witness.  He had his 6 month check up a few days ago and his doctor said we need to start baby proofing the house because he’s going to be crawling any day now.  He sits up so well on his own and army crawls to his toys, but I didn’t realize the crawling would get here this soon!  It’s going to hectic but I’m really looking forward to it!

This look is one that I threw together with some things in my closet that I’ve had for along time.  The skirt is so fun and feminine and I honestly don’t have it in the rotation to often, but I like to wear it when I’m feeling super girly 🙂  Jon and I were laughing at how it’s almost the same color as my legs right now, but I’m fine with it haha.  I did just purchase a self tanner, (I haven’t used one in YEARS) but we shall see how that goes.  Fingers crossed I don’t end up stinky and orange.  Happy Good Friday!


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