A Tennessee Sunday

Top: Goodwill! // Jeans: Goodwill! // Turquoise Ring: Nashville Flea Market // 2 Piece Necklace: Mirina Collections //

Sundays are the best days.  Especially 80 degrees kind of Sundays.  We spent the day trying on eye glasses, window shopping, cleaning up the backyard, strolling around the park, and doing a little nature drive though Percy Warner park.  I also started a DIY project that I’m super excited about!  I’ll be sharing that soon.  Oskar had so much fun in his “new” stroller.  I FINALLY moved him from the bassinet attachment to the big boy seat that faces out and he loves it!  He kept propping his legs up on the bar just lounging back watching everyone.  It was so cute.  But I think everything he does is so cute because that’s what parents do 🙂  He’s just getting so big and I love/hate it so much!

I’m going through a major thrifty phase right now and I’m diggin it.  I’ve been finding some good stuff lately!  I totally understand why it’s not everyones thing, I really do.  It’s kind of Jon’s worst nightmare haha.  I have to be in the right mood for it, but I enjoy the hunting and the digging and get so excited when I find unique pieces.  I think most people feel like if they shop at Goodwill, they will LOOK like they shop at Goodwill.  That’s totally not the case if you know what to look for!  And, I don’t pay any attention to tags or name brands either.  If I like it and its in good condition, I buy it!  This top is super lightweight and comfy and I just love the pattern for summer…and it was 4 dollars.  Beat that my friends.  Also, this turquoise ring makes me so super happy for several reasons.  They have tons and tons of really cool rings at the flea market.  Last spring I went with my whole family and I brought a certain amount of cash that I was allowing myself to spend.  I got a bunch of cool things and saw this ring when I had $80 left to spend…and the ring was $160.  I was so bummed because let me tell you, it was love at first sight.  Of course turned to Jon and said “ummm where is the ATM I need $80 dollars” 🙂 And he said nope, no you don’t, and he and my cousin looked at me and smiled.  They said “just go tell them you only have 80 dollars, this is the flea market!”  I was like WHAT?! NO! That’s so embarrassing!  And the boys said “do you want the ring or not?” I just stood there thinking, ok there is no way they are going to give this to me for half price, but I guess I’ll never know if I don’t ask.  I’ve never haggled anyone in my life, but I thought maybe it’s worth a try.  I really want that ring, and they’re right, it is the flea market eeeekkk!  Makes me nervous even to think back on it lol.  So I walked up to the lady, asked to see the ring again, and told her I only had 80 dollars.  I wish you could have seen the ugly face she gave me, I wanted to cry.  She looked at me, looked at my husband haha, looked back at me and said “this ring is one hundred and sixty dollars, sorry.”  Then went on to tell me how special the stone was.  Yea, I know, thankkks lady.  It was so sad and totally embarrassed and couldn’t get away from that booth fast enough.  I told her I would go spend my 80 dollars somewhere else and that I was sorry I asked.  I actually couldn’t believe I said that, but it was true and I thought she should know haha.  She saw me looking at another booth and called out to me to come back and sold me the ring for 80 bucks.  So, the moral of that story is, it never hurts to ask, (although I dunno that was pretty painful for me haha) let go of your pride, and shop the flea market on the last day when they’re eager to sell….even if they don’t act like it at first!

My hope is that is post inspires someone to shop second hand from time to time, or all the time!  Not only can you save money, but doing so helps to reduce your carbon footprint which means you are making a positive impact on the environment!  Its a win win 🙂


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