Real Talk: Mama has meltdowns too

Tshirt Dress: Victoria Secret- similar here // Animal Knee-High Socks: Amazon // Nail Color: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish– color B Girl // Quilt Bedding in Porcelain Blue: Pottery Barn // Faux Fur Throw- Snow Leopard: Pier One // Phone Case: LoopyCases

It’s not easy being productive with a 5 month old and I’m still learning how to balance everything.  Finding my new rhythm has definitely been the hardest part for me since becoming a mama.  When we first brought Oskar home for the hospital, life was chill.  Ultra chill.  All snuggles and naps and breastfeeding…a dream for nine whole weeks while I was on maternity leave.  Then, I went back to work, and excuse me but theres no other way to say it… shit got real.  We went from professional snugglers, to the whirlwind of real life overnight. I wasn’t prepared for it at all.  Suddenly, I was getting up before the sun to make myself look presentable for the day before Oskar woke up, I had to change him, feed him, get him dressed, care for the dog, make lunches, get out the door, drive him to my mom (in the opposite direction) before work, work all day (on no sleep), go the the grocery, make dinner, try to get some form of exercise, clean the house, do laundry, try to do this blog, try to spend time with friends and family, and be a good partner to my husband.  I get overwhelmed easily, so needless to say this felt like it all flew at me at once and I will never forget that first meltdown.  I sobbed.  HOW am I going to do all of this?!?  I’ve always been a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl, and I learned super quick that just doesn’t fly anymore once you have a child.  I felt like I was falling short in every area of my life, and not able to give 100% to anything because my mind was always thinking about what else I had to get done next. It so important to me to live in the moment and be present with the people I love, but you just can’t do that when you are rushing through life.  I feel like I fell the most short on being a decent wife, but thank God I have such a compassionate husband because he couldn’t have been more supportive or there for me.  And, (try your best not to judge me), but Hanalei was suffering from a major shift shock too.  I think I’ll get into this more in a later post, but she was (and still is) having a REALLY hard time, and rightfully so.  This is something we are still working on…. 🙁

After a handful of mini meltdowns, Jon and I finally sat down and mapped out a daily to do lists.  He got all google docs and mr. spreadsheet on me haha, but it has helped me so much!  We each have certain nights on who makes dinner, who makes the grocery run, who picks up Oskar, and when and where we get our workouts in.  I don’t always get to everything I have on the list for that day, especially the workouts, hehe 🙂 but I’m ok with it because at least there is a structure and routine in place.
Lastly, I should talk a little about these photos!  I just want to shout from the rooftops how much I LOVE MY PHONE CASE!  I have to thank my mom for discovering this one and I have to be real with you, I made so much fun of it when she got hers.  A Loopy? Really?? What the….?  No thanks!  She kept insisting she buy one for me because I drop my phone more than anyone on the planet.  I’m always sporting that cracked screen as if I’m getting paid to do it. lol  It’s so ridiculous that I once felt something wet running down my ear…. it was blood….from a tiny piece of glass stuck in my ear!  Anyway, we were face timing one night so she could see Oskar and my phone slipped and hit him in the head.  He laughed, she didn’t, and ordered one for me when we got off the phone.  I’ll never own another case again. I’m obsessed.  It’s that good.  You can adjust the loop on the back and I can’t explain it, but your finger just kind of goes there automatically when you pick up your phone. Several girls I work with have gotten one now and love it! And thank you Kayla for the socks! I love them and YOU!
Ok, one more thing.  I am aware that the comment section is not working. 🙁  I am in the process of redesigning this blog…again 🙁  But, I’m switching over to WordPress.  Wix is what I am using now and its great, just not for blogging. Ok thats it for today, I swear!

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